Councillor wants fines for premature tree chopper

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Sarah Anderson, CFRA News

Councillor David Chernushenko is calling for the City to fine the contractor who moved too quickly, cutting down more than a dozen trees in the Glebe yesterday.

The official word is a mistake was made but Chernushenko said this is something that happens too often in Ottawa.

"Sometimes flagrantly, on purpose saying 'oh it'll be a whole lot easier if we just cut down these trees and then go, oops isn't that terrible, I guess we'll have to go ahead and develop this site anyway,'" he told CFRA's Madely in the Morning.

Still the city says the trees are coming down as they rebuild Lansdowne Park.

The soil is contaminated, many of the 60 trees are ash and liable to be infested with the ash borer and the trees are in the way of moving the horticulture building and erecting new homes and reshaping lansdowne.

But Chernushenko says there needs to be a penalty for doing work without chopping orders.

The contractor has apologized but Chernoshenko said the company could still be slapped with a fine.