Tree-cutting on Holmwood on hold for migratory bird

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By Joe Lofaro, Metro Ottawa

Glebe residents sang protest songs before backhoes ripped apart fences to gain access to more than 50 trees slated for removal to make way for the Lansdowne Live redevelopment Monday morning.

Even though the fences have been opened, workers had not yet begun cutting the trees along Holmwood Ave. as of 9:45 a.m.

"I have promised to intervene in any cutting until we have some formal notification from Environment Canada to go ahead or to stop," said Capital Ward councillor Chernushenko.

Construction crews are said to be waiting on two officers from the Canadian Wildlife Service who are set to observe whether cutting the trees will contravene the Migratory Bird Convention Act 1994 by impacting a migrating cardinal found nesting among them.

More than 15 protestors are milling about at the site with Coun. Chernushenko and construction workers waiting for a sign of whether work will go ahead today.

"I don't want these trees to be touched, I don't want the contaminated soil removed. They should do it properly," said Maureen Mulrooney, a Glebe resident and Manager of Kettleman's Bagels.