Pipe And Sewer Work For Lansdowne

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Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun

If you live on the north side of Lansdowne Park, you're learning today there's going to be some significant construction happening on the redevelopment.

The city is beginning to install the underground infrastructure — sewers and water mains — to support all the new attractions coming to Lansdowne.

The work begins next Monday and if you live on Holmwood Ave. or O'Connor St., you'll want to take note of the road restrictions.

Holmwood and O'Connor will be closed to traffic for two weeks.

Local residents can get to their homes knowing the following changes (good for visitors to know, too, especially if you play sports at the community park):

  • Holmwood at Bank will be closed, except for cyclists
  • Holmwood will be two-way, and closed at O'Connor
  • O'Connor will be two-way, and closed at Holmwood
  • Adelaide will be two-way to allow residents to access homes on Holmwood
  • Parking on the north side of Holmwood will be removed during the detours
  • All streets will have signage indicating there is no exit and local traffic only