No concerns with Lansdowne Park dig: City

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By Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun

An empty cardinal's nest won't stop the city from digging up the concrete plain at Lansdowne Park.

Migratory birds' nests temporarily put a stop to construction last month when angry residents protested the removal of trees between Holmwood Ave. and the park.

This time the city's contractor took precautions by sending a biologist to the site Wednesday to make sure there are no breeding birds that will be impacted by the excavation.

The cardinal's nest is in a lilac shrub about 45 metres west of the Horticulture Building, and doesn't appear to be in use, the city says.

So, the contractor will keep digging up soil between Bank St. and the building but won't be removing more trees right away. The public will get a heads up before that happens again, the city says.

Current construction on the redevelopment is concentrated on the north side of the property. Work is underway to move the Horticulture Building slightly east and clean contaminated soil. The Coliseum building will be demolished during this phase of construction, but some of the architectural features, like the stone detailing, will be retained and possibly reused in new buildings on the property.

Work on the sewer and water infrastructure will begin Monday, forcing road restrictions in the area of Holmwood Ave. and O'Connor St.

One more court case stands in the way of the redevelopment.

The Lansdowne Park Conservancy, after losing at the divisional court, is trying to convince the appeal court to consider its judicial challenge.

The city expects to have an updated report on the project's timelines in the fall.

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