Lansdowne: Contractor to begin shoring and piling work on Monday

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City of Ottawa

On Monday the contractor will begin the first phase of work on a portion of the underground parking garage, east of the Aberdeen Pavilion. This will require steel piles to be driven into the ground in the area between the east side of the Aberdeen Pavilion, to the north side of the site, close to the baseball diamonds.

This kind of work may be disruptive, and residents may feel some vibrations in their homes. These vibrations can be a nuisance, but are typically not strong enough to cause damage to structures.

However, in order to ensure vibration levels stay within a safe zone while this work is conducted, the contractor has hired an independent consultant to measure and monitor vibrations. The consultant will place seismic monitors at the Aberdeen Pavilion and at two homes on Holmwood, between Adelaide and O'Connor on Monday, prior to the work beginning. All vibrations will be continuously monitored during piling activities and will be cross referenced with scientifically proven industry standards for damage potential. Should any vibration levels go beyond the prescribed safe levels for buildings, the work will be stopped.

It's anticipated that this activity will last for about three weeks. Work will begin after 7 a.m. and will be completed around 7p.m.

Dust prevention activities
With the current drought conditions, the City and contractor are working together to enhance dust mitigation. Measures currently being undertaken include:

  • Water trucks are on site to wet down roadways and excavation areas.
  • Tire washing stations are set up.
  • Dump trucks filled with water are wetting down areas being excavated.
  • Hoses are connected to on-site fire hydrants for additional wetting.
  • Areas of active excavation and tree removal are watered by fire hose.
  • Areas travelled by trucks are watered frequently by a water truck.
  • A water truck conducts a final watering pass of the site at the end of the day to help prevent dust after hours.
  • During the weekend, a water truck will access the site twice a day to water down the site.