Robin moves from Lansdowne; trees to be cut this week

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By Neco Cockburn, The Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — A nesting robin that gave a reprieve to about 10 large trees at Lansdowne Park appears to have moved on, meaning the trees are to be cut down this week as redevelopment efforts continue.

The trees were among about 30 east of the Horticulture Building slated for removal in mid-July, but a biologist's discovery of a nest in one tree — and a bird carrying nesting materials and going into the nest — meant they couldn't be touched. The contractor clearing the site was told to leave the nesting tree alone, as well as about 10 trees and other brush within a 25-metre buffer zone around it.

A biologist returned to the site on Tuesday, however, and found no evidence of nesting activity, according to the city. As a result, the contractor is to go ahead with the removal of all trees that are to be cut down for the current phase of work.

The tree cutting is part of soil remediation work in the city's redevelopment plans with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. As part of the project, which includes residential and commercial buildings and renovations to Frank Clair Stadium, workers began Monday to demolish the Coliseum Building on the property, and the Horticulture Building is to be moved east.

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