Sloppiness on Lansdowne

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David Reevely, The Ottawa Citizen

More from the "We have to be very careful to get this right" Lansdowne file, which already includes some material on tree-cutting, birds' nests and potentially toxic dust, here's an extract from a City of Ottawa procurement document.

They're looking for steelmakers who could produce the pieces needed for a piece of art, a series of vertical steel pieces that together comprise a sort of large horizontal slatted screen with LED displays on them. The work is called The Screen, and it's the blue spiky thing in the image above.

Here's how the city describes it in its hunt for qualified contractors to fabricate it:

'The Screen': The Screen is an undulating dynamic form located at the top of the east berm of Lansdowne Park, west of the Frank Clare Stadium. The Screen will follow the rising topography of the berm reaching a maximum height of 10m and tapering to a more human scale of 1‐2m at its out edges. The Screen will be constructed from a series of approximately 70 vertical stainless HSS sections approximately 20cm x 25cm which will vary in spacing along a 60m length. Each HSS will be folded at one or two locations along its height to create the appearance of fluidity and movement. It is anticipated that the HSS members will be welded to stainless steel base plates which will be bolted to a concrete footing pre‐formed within the berm. The concrete supports/footings are excluded from the fabricator/installer's scope of work. The Screen will hold a series of high resolution LED displays along its surface which will be fed by a conduit horizontally integrated into the structure. Proponents will need to assist in the coordination of the LED display within the fabrication and installation of the Screen.

Yeah, guys, that's east of Frank Clair Stadium. You can see the location on page 24 of this PDF of the Lansdowne plans. It's also correct in a map included later in the procurement document, just wrong in the words.

The city's looking for a contractor that will install The Screen, but on footings put in by a different construction crew, so on one level it doesn't matter; someone else will do the work that determines precisely where the slats go. On the other, more obvious, level it's embarrassingly sloppy work.