All Aspects of Lansdowne Redevelopment Behind Schedule: Councillor

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Josh Pringle, CFRA

Capital Ward Councillor David Chernushenko insists the legal challenge to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan is not the only reason for delays with the project.

City Staff say construction on the Lansdowne Partnership Plan won't begin until the fall due to a number of reasons, including the court case attempting to quash the project.

But Chernushenko says "everything is well behind the original schedule."

Chernushenko sits on the Lansdowne Design Review Panel, and says delays have been encountered in "almost every aspect of the design work, the legal agreements and the search for commercial tenants."

The Capital Ward Councillor insists the delay in the Lansdowne Park redevelopment is an opportunity to offer new ideas.

Chernushenko says Glebe residents are "positively bursting" with constructive ideas about how to redevelop the public space to offer opportunities for athletes, businesses, artists and others.

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