Bike to Work Month

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City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa presents May 2015 as Bike to Work Month – a month-long campaign with various initiatives, activities, education on cycling training and safety.

Bike to Work Month 2015 Pledges Now OPEN!
Bike to Work Month has always included an exciting Pledge Challenge and a chance to win prizes. This long-standing campaign challenges you and your workplace colleagues to discover cycling as a cost-efficient, effective and healthy way to commute to work. Visit to make an online pledge and track your commuting distance and be eligible for one of the prize draws – including a new bike.

Other related Bike-to-Work activities include:

  • Pedal to Win online contest
  • Bikemobile – promotes biking to work near workplace locations
  • Workplace Lunch and Learns
  • Commuter Cycling & Bike Maintenance Sessions
  • Gear Up, Check Up and Ride
  • Bike Friendly Employer Designation
  • Bike to School and Work Day
  • The Bruce Timmermans Cycling Awards Ceremony

Find cycling routes
You can help plan your route by using the City of Ottawa Cycling Map to find cycling paths and routes that will make your trip comfortable and convenient.

Cycling Safety
Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians have equal rights and access to our roadways. All users have to share the road; share the respect. The cycling safety page provides some safety information and rules through text, pictures and videos on how to safely cycle on the road.

Bike School
Become more comfortable and confident on the road, learning assertive cycling skills, traffic analysis, general bicycle maintenance, route planning and more. The City's cycling programs have been developed using the Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE program. There are a variety of courses geared for people of all ages and skill levels, and oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling. Instructors are nationally certified highly skilled cyclists.

City of Ottawa - Pathway Patrol
Pathway Patrol was established in 1997 to provide information, improve safety and courtesy, and promote healthy living on Ottawa’s recreational pathways. Pathway Patrol is a City of Ottawa volunteer program working in partnership with the National Capital Commission. We are the “eyes on the path.”

Cycling and your health
Like your bike, it’s important to take care of your health to make your cycling experience an enjoyable and safe experience.

  • Physical activity
  • Helmet Safety
  • Protecting yourself in the outdoor environment

Present and Future Pathway Projects
The City will be transforming over the next few years to make vibrant and liveable communities to work, live and get around. Cycling infrastructure along with street designs will enhance our city’s ability to cycle, walk and take transit. Here are some current projects that will enhance city over the next few years.