2017 Budget – Capital Ward Highlights

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On November 9, the Mayor tabled the city's 2017 Draft Budget. I am particularly pleased with what I see in several areas that are my declared priorities, and which I know to be important to residents based on your input this year and in previous years. I collaborated with a number of councillors and community groups in pushing for and getting the following included in the budget:

  1. A more affordable transit pass for those on low incomes
  2. Increased funding for social service providers
  3. More funding for measures and infrastructure leading to safer and more accessible walking and cycling

Some citywide initiatives that I have championed received some modest initial funding. There is a financial infusion for some kickstarter projects that will be a part of the Renewable Energy Strategy coming forward in 2017 – now called Energy Evolution. There is money for work recommended in the draft Urban Forest Management Plan (to be debated and finalized in the spring). There is also money for enhanced road safety measures and technology.

There are some specific initiatives and capital projects that benefit Capital Ward residents in particular, which I have listed below.

Did we get everything that you and I asked for? No. But no budget is perfect, and there are other things I would like to have seen, both for the city and for the ward. But in a world of competing priorities and limited means (and little desire for increased taxation), I am pleased to have worked with City staff and the mayor to get these important priorities addressed in the budget. And all this was accomplished within our targeted 2% cap on residential property tax increases.

The final budget will be approved by Council on Dec. 14. For more information on Budget 2017 in general, visit ottawa.ca/budget2017.

2017 & 2018 Investments

Recreation and Parks

  • $1.2M for Oblates Urban Park Development design and construction
  • $100,000 for Brewer Park Study – Reimagining a park for the next 50 years
  • $300,000 for Springhurst Park splash pad
  • $7,500 for Springhurst Park basketball court upgrade (Minor Community Partnership Program)

Public Works and Environmental Services

  • $15,000 for Canada 150 Maple Grove Project – Planting a grove of 150 native Canada Maple trees as a legacy project for Canada's 150th anniversary celebration
  • $23,000 for Parking facility maintenance at City-owned parking garage and parking lot (2017)
  • $136,000 for Parking facility maintenance at City-owned parking lot (2018)
  • $149,000 for Parking facility maintenance at City-owned parking lot (2019)

Infrastructure Renewal

Integrated Road, Sewer, Water

  • $730K for Fairbairn-Bellwood-Willard-Belmont Integrated Rehabilitation
  • $3.2M for Bank St. from Riverside Dr. to Belanger Ave.

Parks and Buildings ($645,000)

  • Brewer Arena – Design replacement of evaporative condenser
  • Fire Station 12 Glebe – Type II condition audit
  • Lansdowne Park Horticultural Bldg – Type II condition audit
  • Dalhousie South Park Playground – Design play equipment replacement
  • Billings Bridge Transitway Station – Replace lower level concrete curbs
  • Heron Transitway Station – Replace concrete curbs
  • Lycee Claudel Transitway Station – Replace entrance drainage system
  • Sunnyside Library – Infrared electrical scan
  • Glebe Parking Garage – Type II condition audit
  • Brewer Pool – Replace 1m diving board stand

Planning, Infrastructure, and Economic Development

  • $106,000 for Hurdman Bridge/Billings Pump Station upgrade (2017)

Transportation Services Department


  • $12 million for design and preparatory work for property acquisition of a new bus transit corridor from Bayshore Transitway Station to Heron Transitway Station along a corridor on Holly Acres Rd., Richmond Rd., Baseline Rd., Navaho Dr. and Heron Rd. 
  • $4.14 million investment citywide in community connectivity enhancements, including a pathway link from Trillium Pathway Link to Dow's Lake, from Carling Ave. to Prince of Wales Dr.
  • $4 million investment citywide in cycling facility improvements, including construction of the Rideau River Western Pathway from Belmont Ave. to the University of Ottawa and Lees LRT station


  • $5,000 for City pole replacement at Gregg St. and Falcon Ave.
  • $40,000 per year for Strategic Initiatives – Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program, locations to be determined annually with ward councillor (2017 & 2018)
  • $380,000 for a multi-use pathway underpass at Bank St. and Riverside Dr. under Billings Bridge (2018)
  • $3,500 - $40,000 per year to install a pedestrian crossing at one feasible location to be determined (2017 & 2018)
  • Red Light Camera Program – One camera to be installed at Bank St. and Riverside Dr. South (2017)


  • $6.4 million for track and signal infrastructure replacement to maintain the O-Train Trillium Line and its equipment in a state of good repair 
  • $3 million citywide for strategic projects to transform the transit service and enable the delivery of a fully integrated transit system in 2018
  • $3.25 million citywide to improve Transitway and O-Train stations and facilities to benefit customers and operations
  • $500,000 for accessibility improvements at Transitway and O-Train stations for all customers, including seniors and customers with disabilities
  • $1 million citywide for ongoing rehabilitation at Transitway and O-Train stations, including condition assessment, rehabilitation, and implementation of safety and security improvements