Council approves work to update plans guiding Ottawa's growth

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City of Ottawa

City Council today gave its approval for work to proceed on updating the plans that shape the way Ottawa grows.

Council approved the statements of work for updates to the Official Plan, the Transportation Master Plan and the Infrastructure Master Plan. These are the documents that guide how and where the City will grow over the years to come, especially focusing on the next 20 years.

The transportation planning work will include updates to the City's pedestrian and cycling plans as well as a prioritization of transit and road projects.

The Official Plan update will be a review of the document, rather than a full revision. Main areas of focus will be on: ensuring that future urban and suburban intensification projects are built to a higher level of urban design; encouraging the redevelopment of properties around Tunney's Pasture Station to Blair Station as part of the City's LRT project; prioritizing infrastructure rehabilitation projects to areas of the City undergoing intensification; reviewing Ottawa's supply of employment lands to ensure that it aligns with the goals of Invest Ottawa; and, developing unique growth strategies for each of Ottawa's rural villages.

It is not expected that this review will require changes to Ottawa's urban boundary, as a preliminary analysis indicates there is an adequate supply of land for residential and commercial development already within the urban area. This will be confirmed in the fall when Council adopts the City's future population projections.

There will be public consultations on the updates to these plans beginning later this year and continuing next year. The updated documents are scheduled to be before Council for consideration by the end of 2013.