Soil remediation and dust mitigation

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City of Ottawa

Soil remediation work at Lansdowne is proceeding on schedule, and most of the soil requiring remediation has already been removed to the berm on the south side of the site. A few small areas still need to be remediated, but this work should be finished within the month.Air quality monitoring stations are set up at five locations – four at Lansdowne and one on the fire station on Fifth Avenue. These monitors are moved as required to be closest to active areas of work. By the end of this week, the monitor on the east side of the Horticulture Building will be relocated to the west side. This will allow it to provide accurate readings of any dust that may be created by the soil remediation work along Holmwood or potential dust generated during the demolition of the Coliseum. This monitor will be mounted on one of the hydro poles. Water is being applied to the berm and a stock pile of clean fill located on the southeast side of the site to prevent dust being generated from these areas. As the drought conditions continue, additional activities are underway to mitigate dust, including:

  • Water trucks are on site to wet down roadways and excavation areas.
  • Tire washing stations are set up.
  • Dump trucks filled with water are wetting down areas being excavated.
  • Hoses are connected to on-site fire hydrants for additional wetting.
  • Areas of active excavation and tree removal are watered by fire hose.
  • Areas travelled by trucks are watered frequently by a water truck.
  • A water truck conducts a final watering pass of the site at the end of the day to help prevent dust after hours.
  • Over the long weekend, watering by truck will be increased to four times per day.

Coliseum demolition 

Any asbestos in the part of the Coliseum currently being demolished was removed prior to work beginning. An independent consultant monitored outside air quality during the abatement and did not register any issues with outdoor air. While some dust may be created by the demolition, this is not associated with hazardous materials. Water is being applied to the demolition work to keep dust down. By relocating an air quality monitoring station to the west side of the Horticulture Building, dust levels will be monitored to ensure they stay within provincially set standards. Future air quality monitoring reports are available upon request. Residents can sign up to receive construction updates by email at, send questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the City of Ottawa at 3-1-1.