Sustainable Transportation Week gives a full menu of conveniet, stress-free travelling options

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City of Ottawa

Sustainable Transportation Week is September 16 to 22, highlighting the benefits of transit, walking, cycling, carpooling and other mobility options as convenient, healthy and stress-free way to get to work or get around the city every day.

Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, chair of the Transportation Committee, and Ward Councillor Katherine Hobbs helped deliver the message today with Credible Edibles owner, Judi Varga-Toth, who uses cycling and walking for delivering her catering business in the Hintonburg area.

"Sustainable transportation options give our residents more ways to get around, with a low impact on the environment," said Mayor Watson. "Light rail will further add to the mobility and reduce traffic congestion on our roadways."

"My husband, children and I cycle, walk or take the bus everywhere we go in our private lives," says Credible Edibles owner, Judi Varga-Toth. "We have incorporated that same philosophy into our business. Our staff cycles to work and we deliver our catering by foot and bike to our clients – who many of them are located right around the neighbourhood. We encourage everyone to try it in their private and business lives."

"We encourage all residents to leave the car at home this week and explore transportation options that avoid sitting in traffic, paying higher gas prices and promote better health," said Councillor Wilkinson. "Also residents can take part in the week with a host of activities – including a public discussion forum on walkability, a family-friendly bike decorating event called Piknic Electronik, an entertaining rush hour bike, bus, car commuter challenge and Car Free Day on September 22."

Residents are also encouraged to enter the online car-free contest at to commit to using sustainable transportation during the week and be eligible to win prizes – including an annual bus pass, a $500 VIA Rail voucher, CAN-BIKE course and a VRTUCAR membership.

New to this year's campaign is a Passport that will be issued with the car free contest and at the Piknic Electronic event. The Passport will contain discounts with various retailers in the Ottawa area.

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