Helmet discounts available during Adopt a Helmet Week

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City of Ottawa

Ottawa Public Health (OPH), in collaboration with select retailers across Ottawa, are encouraging residents to "adopt" a helmet between September 24 and 30, 2012 to be eligible for discounts of 20 per cent or more on helmets of all kinds. The promotion is timed for the beginning of hockey season, but also appeals to cyclists, skateboarders, and inline skaters looking to enjoy the autumn weather.

Wearing a properly fitted helmet can reduce the chance of brain injury by 85 per cent. OPH will be profiling different styles and technologies of helmets as "adoption ads" on the campaign's blog (adoptahelmet.com). The purpose of the campaign is to show the variety of helmets available for different sports and activities, to increase helmet awareness, and to improve helmet accessibility in Ottawa.

Ottawa Public Health appreciates the contributions of all of its partners to the success of this life-saving initiative. By helping make helmets more accessible, they are not only removing barriers to safety, but taking an active role in the health and safety of Ottawa children and youth.

A list of retailers offering discounts can be found on the campaign's blog at: adoptahelmet.com