Winter equipment operators begin driver training

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City of Ottawa

To prepare for winter operations, the City of Ottawa has begun training drivers in the operation of snow clearing equipment.

Ottawa's roads are busy with pedestrians, cyclists, parked and moving vehicles, as well as infrastructure such as Pay and Display parking machines, on-street furniture, benches, etc. It is very important that snow clearing equipment operators receive intensive training so that they are prepared for the challenging environment brought on by Ottawa winters.

Winter equipment driver training starts in the classroom with instruction on roadway safety, equipment orientation, operating principles and operation of attachments. Trainees then move to supervised closed-course practice at City facilities and parking lots. Training concludes with on-street practical experience; again with an instructor supervising at all times.

On-street training will begin September 24 and will run until early December. This portion of the training will take place close to the City of Ottawa Public Works yards located near the communities of Orléans, rural Cumberland, Kanata, Stittsville, Bells Corners and Manotick where the classroom instruction takes place.

All winter operations equipment used for training will display driver training signs on the rear and both sides of the vehicle.