Getting Ready for Spring Flooding

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Let's prepare now to protect our homes and families in the event of future flooding

Presentations & Community Discussion
Monday, March 2, 7 p.m.
Old Town Hall Community Centre, 61 Main St.

Presented by the Old Ottawa East Community Association

Did you know that we narrowly missed record-breaking flooding last year? Based on the rainfall forecast, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority predicted on April 12, 2014 that flows through the Old Ottawa East neighbourhood could reach 610 cubic metres per second (cms). This volume would have far exceeded all previous records including the flow of 497 cms reached in 2008. Luckily, the forecasted rain did not arrive.


  • Spring flooding in Ottawa: How your municipality prepares and responds (City of Ottawa)
  • Flooding in Old Ottawa East: History and future expectations (Rideau Valley Conservation Authority)
  • Proposed emergency communications network: A pilot project for Brantwood Park (Pauline Lynch-Stewart & Peter Croal)

Discussion to follow each presentation. Here's your chance to get answers to your burning questions about what to do in the face of potential flooding in Old Ottawa East.

How the city lucked out on Plasco

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Joanne Chianello, Ottawa Citizen

The city is having a little trouble extricating itself from its relationship with Plasco Energy. As our Matthew Pearson reports, the environment committee voted to officially cut ties with company on Tuesday, but city solicitor Rick O’Connor says the city can’t unilaterally cancel its contract with Plasco without a judge’s permission now that the company is under creditors’ protection.

It won’t be entirely smooth sailing over the next while for the city when it comes to Plasco, and not just because the city needs a court’s permission to unilaterally end its contract. Decommissioning the Plasco site, which sits on city land, looks like it’ll take 18 months. Plasco had already given the city a $300,000 deposit for the decommissioning and Tuesday, Kirkpatrick told councillors that he was “comfortable” that the deposit would cover the winding-down costs. Let’s hope he’s right.

Also over the years, the city has paid Plasco a so-called tipping fee to take our garbage for the company to process in its facility, although at the moment of the creditor protection filing, it’s the city that owes Plasco $15,000.

So, all in all, Ottawa taxpayers get off fairly lightly. (The people of Blind River were not so lucky, as the Citizen’s Vito Pilieci describes — they’re owed almost $18 million by Plasco).