Brewer Park Reimagined

While the City of Ottawa has been shifting away from smaller, neighbourhood-scale arenas and pools in favour of multi-pad suburban rinks and larger recreational facilities, it's important to preserve and make the most of recreational facilities in older, denser neighbourhoods.

Budget 2017 allocated $100,000 to study the renewal of Brewer Park, which has the potential to be substantially redesigned to make better use of the space, by consolidating roads and parking to create more space for fields, arena(s), a pool and even a gym.

In March 2017, the City of Ottawa’s Recreation, Cultural & Facility Services Department (RCFSD), along with Councillor David Chernushenko’s office, hosted the first public consultation for the future renewal of Brewer Park. Well over 100 residents took part, providing comments, suggestions and hopes for the future of the Park over the next five to 15 years.

To see the results of this consultation, download the Brewer Park Renewal – Summary Report, which highlights priority items and areas that rose to the top while also representing what the community currently enjoys. More detailed summaries of comments are available in the spreadsheets listed below.

Brewer Park Renewal documents

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