Room to move and play in a denser city

April 2017

With the City of Ottawa's intensification policies gradually translating into higher population density, it is essential that we invest in the kinds of infrastructure and institutions that residents expect in a livable city. Schools, libraries, health care and public transit come immediately to mind. Equally important, though, is an adequate and diverse supply of places to play and gather. These can be formal, such as community centres, pools, arenas and sports fields, or informal, such as greenspaces, play structures, multi-use pathways and riverside parkland.

There is a lot of movement in Capital Ward in response to this growing need. In fact, this is a time of considerable turnover, growth and long-term planning.

Brewer Park

Though Brewer Park is in Old Ottawa South, it is frequently use by Glebe residents, notably the rink, pool, fields and ball diamonds. Over the next five to 15 years, we can expect to see a lot of activity in some parts of the park, the result of a number of factors. These include changing demographics and shifts in the popularity of certain sports and activities; older facilities reaching the end of their viable life, meaning either major renovation expenses or taking a "clean slate" approach; and a strong community desire to reduce and consolidate the area currently used for driving through and parking on parkland.