Horticulture building on 'turtle's pace' journey

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Lansdowne Park's Horticulture Building has begun the slow journey to its new location, 120 metres away.

It has taken CDS Building Movers of Ottawa several months to prepare the 98-year-old structure for its move to the end of Holmwood Avenue.

A 480-tonne steel cage was built inside the building to keep the structure intact during the move, and dozens of remote controlled electronic dollies and jacks will be used to control what movers say will be a "turtle's pace" journey.

The building is being moved to make way for additional retail space and underground parking as part of the renovation of Lansdowne Park.

Photographer Leon Switzer was given access to the site and made a video of the building of the steel cage inside the building for the movers.

"It's amazing, they said the building would be hoisted up and never even know its being moved," said Switzer.

The estimated cost of moving the building is $7 million.

"From the looks of it compared to the Aberdeen Pavillion, it's not as beautiful… I just question whether it's worth it or not," said Ottawa resident Shane Gracey, who was watching the preparation work on Thursday.

"Having said that, I'm all for saving heritage buildings," said Gracey.