City getting residents online for Building a Liveable Ottawa

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City of Ottawa

Residents can get online to have their say on the future of Ottawa with Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 – a city-wide review of land-use, transportation and infrastructure policies that feed into the City's Official Plan, Transportation Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan and the Cycling and Pedestrian Plans.

"We want to make it easy for residents to take part in this key project. Ottawa's population is nearing one million and we need to prepare for the future while preserving what makes Ottawa such a great place to live – our distinct and vibrant neighbourhoods ," says Mayor Jim Watson. "Planning that takes advantage of our investment in LRT and builds upon this Council's historic investment in the cycling and walking network will contribute to a resilient local economy and a more liveable Ottawa."

The focus of the project and public engagement goes beyond a visioning exercise. It deals directly with proposed solutions to 12 current planning issues, which are profiled on The site also features a summary of each issue and each proposal, a video, and feedback mechanisms – including a survey that is available until March 1. Residents are urged to review the information before providing their survey responses.

"The Building a Liveable Ottawa project will continue through the year and go before Council at the end of 2013," says Planning Committee Chair, Councillor Peter Hume. "Building on the themes of last year's Planning Summit, it will give a planning road map that will set the directions, policies, and affordability priorities that will guide our City's future development and design for years to come. That is why we want residents to be involved, informed and to talk about it."

"Transportation systems are interdependent with a city's planning and design," says Transportation Committee Chair, Councillor Marianne Wilkinson. "The design of neighbourhoods, streets and communities influences how people choose travel, whether it is transit or people-powered transportation like cycling and walking. It's a matter of easy access, proximity to work and amenities, convenience and safety."

In addition to the online consultations, Open Houses will also take place in April, June and September. For more information and to give feedback, visit and follow the City of Ottawa Twitter account for more updates.