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As the old saying goes, there are only two seasons in Ottawa: Winter and Construction. But at Lansdowne Park, it's been Winter Construction and just Construction, with milder weather allowing work to continue at a faster pace.

To keep to an ambitious timeline for the kickoff of July 18, the past few weeks have revealed some noticeable changes on site: The pavers have been laid in the centre area of Aberdeen Square. Trees have been delivered for parts of the urban park and some of the first trees planted in the East Court, as well as in the orchard and shuttle loop area. The concrete perimeter wall around the skating rink is complete and the area has been filled with base material and compacted. Footings for some of the structures in the children’s play area are being built, as are those for the Art Screen.

Below are some observations and photos of the transformations I saw during my last site visit on April 29:

South Side Stands. Photos by Natalie Mezey.

South Side Stands
The Veil on the South Side Stands is in place and now the remaining horizontal beams are being installed along with the seats, railings and other finishings.

Paving interspersed with planting beds for trees and shrubs is taking shape. Boxes of furniture for the future park have been delivered.

Building B. Photo by Natalie Mezey.

Building B
The contractor has begun to install bricks on the exterior of the building. Finishing work on the base building, including drywall, painting and light fixtures, is continuing and will soon be transferred to the tenant fit-up contractors.

Building C. Photo by Natalie Mezey.

Building C
Exterior glazing has been installed on most of the front exterior of the theatre. Inside, much of the structural work is being completed with the goal of transferring it to the contractor very soon.

Building D. Photo by Natalie Mezey.

Building D
The exterior of the building is progressing, with most of the brick and exterior glazing installed. Trim is also being installed around windows and doors.

Pavers have been installed in the Aberdeen Square central area, and the final rows along the edge of the square will be finished shortly. This area will be the home of the Ottawa Farmers’ Market beginning in the spring of 2015. It remains at Brewer Park for the 2014 season.

Construction Entrance
The contractor will switch the main construction entrance on Bank Street to "Lansdowne Way" while landscaping work on "Aberdeen Way" takes place. During this time, trucks will use the Lansdowne Way gate to access the site. This is planned to start in the first week of May and continue until the end of June.

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David Chernushenko
Councillor for Capital Ward

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