Addressing shuttle bus concerns

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Many local residents have expressed concerns regarding the shuttle bus routes for Lansdowne events. As presented at the June 17 public meeting on this subject, it has always been the City’s intent to test a variety of routes for the Lansdowne Park shuttles, some using the Queen Elizabeth and Lakeside, some using Bank Street in combination with Fifth and Sunnyside. A commitment was also made to the various affected communities to test a longer route that uses only arterial streets: Queen Elizabeth followed by Preston, Carling and Bronson.
Ultimately, the 2010 Council decision to redevelop Lansdowne and the subsequent emphasis on replacing many thousands of private vehicles through the use of hundreds of shuttle buses meant that those shuttle buses would have to take a route that was efficient enough so as to be attractive to those event-goers who might otherwise have chosen to drive to and park in the adjacent communities.

By the end of the month, the Lansdowne Transportation Monitoring and Operations Committee (on which I sit) will be in a position to make recommendations regarding shuttle routes for the remainder of this season and for the future. I hope to find a compromise that gets ticketholders to the game as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to residents.

I do not support simply shifting shuttle buses from one residential street to another. I anticipate that some residential streets will still need to take some of the shuttle traffic for larger events, but that overall we will be able to agree to a plan that imposes as little additional traffic as possible on any one residential street, and only under strict speed limits. I also expect we will find ways to minimize the number of shuttle trips on any one street by rerouting empty returning buses onto arterial roads.

Lansdowne transportation management is still a work in progress. Please rest assured that I am committed to finding a solution that does not impose a heavy burden on any one groups of residents.
– David Chernushenko

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