Glebe BIA asks permission to keep stores open on statutory holidays

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Alison Sandor, CFRA

Businesses in the Glebe and Lansdowne Park want to open their doors on statutory holidays.

The Glebe BIA has put together a application asking city council to give the area special permission to keep businesses open on holidays. Right now only businesses in tourist areas like the ByWard Market are allowed to remain open.

Capital Ward Councillor David Chernushenko told CFRA the idea is to give businesses there the choice to open on holidays.

"On statutory holidays, we've seen large numbers of people out and about and there are certain businesses that cannot open and they end up suffering when they're in competition with those that can," said Chernushenko. "It doesn't mean that everyone has to (open) that as a whole street, you know, like certain malls, you've got to be open at this time, it just means that on certain statutory holidays those businesses would now have that right to be open."

The Glebe BIA said that they will be submitting their completed application next week but they don't expect it to be reviewed by council until the fall.

The argument is that since Lansdowne is a tourist destination, the area should be exempted from the law forcing them to remain closed.

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