Small blaze at Lansdowne construction site causes thousands of dollars in damage

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By Meghan Hurley, Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Ottawa firefighters extinguished a small blaze early Monday morning at the Lansdowne Park construction site.

Firefighters were called to Bank and Holmwood streets shortly before 3 a.m. for smoke visible in the area.

A small structure on the construction site was on fire, but the blaze was quickly extinguished.

The fire caused between $10,000 and $15,000 in damage, authorities said.

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Glebe LCBO to close after Lansdowne location opens: CEO

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By Joanne Chianello, Ottawa Citizen

As the newest LCBO location on Wellington Street West in partway between my home and the City Hall bureau, I figured there was no harm in stopping by the opening ceremony for the urban-sized store (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it).

This re-opening seems to have been something of a big deal, even though it’s a relatively small store. Perhaps it’s because there’s been a long-fought campaign to get the liquor retailer to come back to the popular neighbourhood. Less than a decade ago, the LCBO closed a small store in Hintonburg at, it turns out, just the wrong time — the community was undergoing a resurgence with new families moving in and cool restaurants opening up. Local accountant Laurel Murray — who’s on the LCBO’s board of directors — had been advocating for a Hintonburg location since being appointed to the board in 2005.

10-screen Cineplex theatre coming to Lansdowne

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Ottawa Community News

Cineplex Cinemas announced last week that it will open a 10-screen theatre complex at a redeveloped Lansdowne Park.

"We're delighted that Cineplex is bringing its visionary theatre concept to Lansdowne," said John Ruddy, a partner in the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. "They've succeeded in creating compelling environments for all ages and style preferences by re-imagining what a theatre complex can be in the modern age. It's a remarkable concept and I know Cineplex will be a major contributor to Lansdowne becoming one of Ottawa's most popular destinations."

Residents fume over Lansdowne deal that prohibits changes to certain side street parking rules

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Stephanie Kinsella, CFRA News

The deal with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group to redevelop Lansdowne Park forbids the city from changing certain parking rules on surrounding side streets in the Glebe.

Brian Mitchell, a member of the Glebe Community Association, urged councillors at Wednesday's transportation committee meeting to adopt a guest permit parking system for residents within two to three blocks of the site.

"It's specifically designed for high demand venues, like sporting event venues, that allows guests or contractors of residents to park for up to three hours, even if its posted (on the sign) for one hour or 30 minutes," he said, noting that system is in place in other high traffic areas of the city, including near the Ottawa Hospital's Civic Campus.

Capital ward Councillor David Chernushenko said this is the first he is aware of these specific prohibitions in the legal agreement, which call for a certain amount of parking spaces to be maintained, both at the facility and in the general neighbourhood.

"Nobody is asking to ban anyone going to Lansdowne from parking on neighbourhood streets. (Residents) are just saying can you please allow us, and the occasional guest, to be able to find parking here and not allocate it all to the activities at Lansdowne?"

City officials say they will keep tabs on the parking issues, as part of the Lansdowne Transportation Monitoring Operations Committee (LTMOC). It's comprised of several councillors, city staff and representatives of the Glebe Community Association and other local groups.

Glebe residents want parking restrictions near Lansdowne; city promises more monitoring

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OTTAWA — Glebe residents are worried that without new parking restrictions in place near Lansdowne Park, their streets will become a congestion nightmare when the revitalized former fairground reopens this summer.

Brian Mitchell of the Glebe Community Association told a transportation committee meeting on Wednesday that the city’s plans to continue monitoring traffic patterns aren’t enough; there need to be proactive measures taken before Lansdowne opens so surrounding streets don’t become parking lots.

“It doesn’t take monitoring to know that there already is a problem,” said Mitchell. “Adding more cars into the mix is going to cause a real problem for us.”

The already-busy area surrounding Lansdowne will soon see thousands more people per day flocking to the more than 400,000 square feet of retail space.

Lansdowne traffic: City has 'wait-and-see' approach

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A councillor says there are three “key steps” to the transportation solution at Lansdowne Park, but the city is taking a wait-and-see approach ahead of the first RedBlacks CFL home game July 18.

Capital Coun. David Chernushenko has tirelessly voiced his support for a new footbridge over the Rideau Canal between Fifth Ave. and Clegg St.

The city is onboard, but council has put off the project until sometime between 2020 and 2025. Future councils can always advance the project in the transportation master plan if they can find the money, but for now that’s the timeline. It has an estimated cost of $13 million (in 2013 dollars).

During a transportation committee meeting Wednesday, Chernushenko took a different approach to the bridge argument by linking its importance with the Confederation Line LRT under construction.

Chernushenko sees football fans taking LRT to Lees station and walking nearly 2 km to Lansdowne if there was a pedestrian bridge at the canal.

He believes a footbridge is critical to moving people to and from Lansdowne.

“We have to create new ways into the Glebe, that aren’t Bank-centric,” Chernushenko said.

It’s not a good time to sell the idea of building another pedestrian bridge, Chernushenko admitted. He didn’t say it, but the obvious reference is the disastrous Airport Pkwy. bridge, which is millions over budget, years late and still nowhere near complete.

But, “we have done them well before and I know we can do them well again,” Chernushenko said.

Cineplex plans to open 10-screen Lansdowne Park theatre

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Theatre's future cast into doubt when Empire got out of movie business

CBC News

Cineplex announced Monday morning they’ll be opening a ten-screen theatre at the park late this year that can seat as many as 1,700 people.

A news release said three of those screens will be “Cineplex VIP” areas, a licensed adult-only space with reserved seats, food delivery and alcohol choices including beer, wine and cocktails.

"Our theatre at Lansdowne will be one of the most impressive buildings of its type in Canada," said Ellis Jacob, president and CEO of Cineplex Entertainment in the news release.

"From the refinement and luxury of our VIP Cinemas to the incredible, immersive experience of our UltraAVX auditoriums — Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP will take the movie-going experience in Ottawa to a new level."

"Cineplex is Canada's top theatre operator and today's announcement is a big win for Lansdowne and Ottawa movie-goers," said John Ruddy, part of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group.

The status of Lansdowne Park’s movie theatre had been in doubt since original operators Empire got out of the movie business last year.

That same decision was a factor in the closure of downtown Ottawa’s only multiplex theatre at the World Exchange Plaza.

Until the Lansdowne Park theatre opens, downtown Ottawa’s only theatres are the Mayfair and Bytowne, which are single-screen and don’t always show first-run movies.

City officials have said the Lansdowne Park project, which is under construction, is on schedule. The first home game for the CFL's Redblacks is set for July 18.

TD acquires Lansdowne stadium naming rights

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By Michelle Nash, Ottawa Community News

Lansdowne Park's sports arena and stadium will be sporting a new name when the games begin starting this summer.

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group and its new naming rights sponsor, TD Bank Group, announced that the former Frank Clair Stadium will be called TD Place.

"We're proud to help revitalize an area for the community to live, play and grow, and for the entire city to enjoy," said Chris Stamper, spokesman for TD Bank Group.

The agreement between the OSEG and TD Bank also makes TD the official bank for all three of OSEG's sports franchises: the Ottawa Red-Blacks, Ottawa Fury FC and Ottawa 67's.

"We look forward to providing fans a place where they can support their teams and in our love of music," Stamper said at the announcement on Jan. 7. Construction work for the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park began in October 2012.

OSEG to hire traffic manager for Lansdowne Park/TD Place

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CTV Ottawa

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group is advertising for a traffic manager who will work with community and Ottawa City Hall to ease congestion in the Glebe.

With the return of CFL Football, professional soccer, and major concerts, there will be tens of thousands of people attending Lansdowne Park for events.

And that's not counting the people who will visit the retail stores, movie theatres or Whole Foods store.

Bernie Ashe, the CEO of Lansdowne, says the traffic manager's job will be challenging.

"This is somebody who is going to be looking at all aspects of traffic management, including looking at alternative means to getting people down to Lansdowne", said Ashe.

And Ashe says every form will be looked at, from shuttle buses to bicycles and pedestrian routes.

OSEG says Transportation Demand Manger will be hired within a few weeks.

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