LTAC Recommendations & Status Report

March 4, 2014

Public transit

A. Improve service on an East-West route (Route 6 or comparable) in order to create better East-West connections to Carling Ave. and the upgraded O-Train service

STATUS: Under consideration

B. Optimize bus flow on Bank St. from Billings Bridge to the Queensway through advance light signals and better bus priority

STATUS: Increased use of advance signal for buses is under consideration

C. Explore designation of a free bus travel zone along Bank St. in the vicinity of Lansdowne

STATUS: Under consideration

D. Improve service on Route 5 and restore connections to Alta Vista and south to complement new pedestrian bridge, Lees LRT station and Western Rideau River Pathway

STATUS: To be considered when LRT opens and midtown Canal bridge is built


E. Build midtown (Fifth Ave./Clegg St.) footbridge in time for opening of Lansdowne

STATUS: In Transportation Master Plan for 2020-25. Detailed design and value engineering to be completed in 2014. Sources of funding to be sought for earlier construction if possible.

F. Create Fifth Ave. cycling route and/or Holmwood Ave. route

STATUS: Identified in Glebe Neighbourhood Bikeway plan. Preferred routes still to be identified during public consultation. Implementation in 2015/2016.

G. Create Glebe/First Ave. cycling route

STATUS: Identified in Glebe Neighbourhood Bikeway plan. Details to be confirmed. Construction/implementation in 2014/2015.

H. Create O’Connor St. North-South cycling route from Lansdowne to Wellington St.

STATUS: Identified in Cycling Plan and Glebe Neighbourhood Bikeway plan. Details to be confirmed. Construction/implementation in 2014/2015.

I. Create safer cycling solution for crossing Bank Street Bridge and Billings Bridge

STATUS: Bank Street Bridge pilot project under review. Billings Bridge initial improvements in place. Segregated lanes on Billings Bridge await reconstruction in approximately 10-15 years.

J. Create new or improved crossings of main roads (Bronson Ave., Bank St.)

STATUS: Improvements to Bronson to be considered as part of 2014 design work, for 2016 (approximate) street renewal. New treatments for Bank St. (bike boxes, advance lights, etc.) to be considered as part of Glebe Bikeway.

K. Review pedestrian signals at intersections with Bank St. in the Glebe and Old Ottawa South to better favour safety and convenience of pedestrians crossing Bank St.

STATUS: Staff have agreed to implement "automatic” pedestrian lights, where impacts to north-south traffic (car, bike and pedestrian) will not outweigh the benefits. This measure is now in place.

L. Create multiple safer crossings of Queen Elizabeth Dr. and Colonel By Dr. to connect with pathways

STATUS: Requires further discussion with the NCC, and funding from both the NCC and City of Ottawa. NCC has just announced plans to implement safer crossing at Fifth the fall of 2014. The City will be working with the NCC to try and accelerate this project for completion in July 2014.

M. Main St. and Lees Ave. redesign as complete streets

STATUS: Approved and detailed design underway. The redesign of Main St. and Lees Ave. as more “complete” streets is now underway. Anticipated completion by end of 2016.

N. Complete Rideau River Western Pathway as continuous walking/cycling route

STATUS: Design work in progress. Construction requires budget allocation. Anticipated time frame: 2015/16.


O. Create guest parking zones and more restrictive parking policies on residential streets closest to Lansdowne, so as to improve parking availability for residents and short-term business patrons.

STATUS: This is not recommended by staff. Citywide policy review to be completed by late 2014. Modifications to existing Glebe zones/rules to be studied in detail. Petition process underway to implement a pilot to modify time limits on Holmwood Ave. close to Lansdowne.

P. Construct 170 Second Ave. parking garage to provide parking relief for Glebe BIA clients and residents in response to increased demand near Lansdowne.

STATUS: Approved. Construction set to commence in Spring 2014, with anticipated completion by November 2014.

Shuttle Bus Service

Q. Keep shuttle bus service (for events of 15,000-plus patrons) to arterial roads and off residential streets, not using Lakeside, Fifth or Sunnyside Aves.)

STATUS: Rejected. Initial shuttle service plan identifies these streets as essential to success of shuttle bus acceptance, as alternative routes are substantially longer. Monitoring of shuttle bus speeds, safety and use to be carried out in initial season (2014) for further evaluation, and modification as required.

Street/Intersection Modifications

R. Sunnyside Ave. traffic calming measures between Bronson Ave. and Bank St.

STATUS: Identified in earlier community study. Implementation in 2014-15.

S. Riverdale Ave. traffic calming measures

STATUS: Community study nearing completion. Implementation in 2014-15.

T. Improve pedestrian safety at Aylmer Ave. and Sunnyside Ave. intersections of Bank St.

STATUS: Staff have agreed to conduct a pedestrian safety evaluation to determine what improvements can be made as well as to install 40 km/h speed limit signs along Bank Street between Sunnyside and Fifth Aves.

U. Close Holmwood Ave. (east) at Bank St. Introduce two-way traffic on the first block of Holmwood east of Bank, remove parking from this block, change direction of one-way designation of Adelaide Street.

STATUS: Not recommended for initial opening. To be monitored, with possible implementation if required.

V. Reconfigure the intersection of Isabella St./Elgin St./Queen Elizabeth Dr. to improve safety and flow for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

STATUS: Design modifications are being worked out between City staff and community, for implementation in 2014 as part of ongoing renewal project.

Truck deliveries

W. Steps should be taken to minimize the impact of truck deliveries to Lansdowne. The main concerns are congestion related to the more difficult manoeuvers of and space occupied by large vehicles, as well as anticipated noise issues. It will be essential to define the routes, turning movements, no-idling requirements and times of delivery for trucks.

STATUS: Accepted. Details to be confirmed.

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