Construction Information

The Main Street renewal project began in spring 2015 and will last about two years. The work will require lane and sidewalk closures, detours and the rerouting of buses and bike routes.

Some construction related to underground utilities is already underway, requiring temporary lane reductions in some areas.

Construction Requirements

The project will include the total reconstruction of the street cross-section, including above-grade and below-grade infrastructure. It is anticipated that the corridor will be constructed in stages. The stages are not yet determined however, the initial focus of construction is expected to be on the north section of the corridor.

A typical construction process may entail:

  • Lane restrictions and detours;
  • Delineation of a construction area, including safety precautions;
  • Deep excavation and removal of all street infrastructure in the construction area;
  • Replacement of below-ground munici-pal services and utilities and road sub-grade;
  • Construction of new curbs, sidewalks, cycling facilities and travel lanes; and
  • Placement of street lights and streetscaping elements.

The limits of each stage and the precise manner of construction will be determined following the tender process and with input from the contractor.


Communications During Construction

The City is committed to working collaboratively and continuously with affected parties during the pre-planning and construction period. The City will:

  • Actively involve adjacent institutions, businesses, landowners and residents in finding solutions to manage the project's construction period disruption
  • Keep lines of communication open between the City, its contractor with area institutions, businesses and com-munity associations;
  • Retain a "Communications Liaison" that will assist in relaying in a timely manner
  • Use Block Captains to relay information between the City/Contractor and all landowners and businesses along the street;
  • Make best efforts to schedule construction activities that work around special events and promotions.


Managing Construction Period Disruption

The construction project activities will have the potential to impact institutions, businesses and residents along the corridor and in the adjacent community. Opportunities to mitigate construction related impacts can be built into the design. The project will:

  • Establish, as an overall goal, that the time and extent of the construction project's potential negative effects on adjacent businesses and landowners and on the surrounding community and its environment be minimized as much as practical
  • Place a priority on the need to retain a basic level of transporta-tion accessibility to the street-fronting land uses, including pedestrian accessibility to building fronts as well as on-street parking where possible
  • Provide for an acceptable level of service by emergency service vehicles
  • Acknowledge that the surrounding community may experience effects, particularly if traffic is temporarily routed along alternative streets, and that those neighbourhoods will also need to be consulted when making and implementing traffic management solutions
  • Consider the use of a range of environmental mitigation tools such as erosion and sediment control plans, contaminated materials management plans, noise and vibration monitoring, and geotechnical investigations
  • Follow construction crew hours of work (typically 7 am to 6 pm weekdays), but special circumstances may arise
  • Prescribe construction mitigation requirements in detailed designs and tenders, to the degree possible


Cycling Options During Construction

  • During construction on Main Street, any open travel lanes are available to cyclists.
  • Cyclists are exempt from 'local traffic only' restrictions.
  • Cyclists who wish to bypass con-struction activity on Main Street can use the following corridors as part of their journey, in addition to any local streets:
    • Mutchmor Road connects Main Street to Echo Drive, which is an available cycling route that travels north-south through the corridor.
    • Clegg Street is an available cycling route that travels east-west.
    • Marlowe Crescent runs parallel to Main Street from Clegg Street and Elliot Avenue, and is an available cycling route.


Traffic Management Plan

Phase 1

Phase 2

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Traffic Management Plan – Bus Route Options

Phase 1

Phase 2

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Advanced Utility Works

Some utility works will take place prior to the commencement of work for the Main Street Renewal project. The completion of these works will streamline the construction schedule of the street renewal reconstruc-tion starting in spring 2015, and minimize conflicts between utility crews and road construction crews.

Hydro Ottawa will undertake some pole replacement work between Clegg St. and Riverdale Ave., and manhole reconstruc-tions on each side of the Mcllraith Bridge prior to street reconstruction.

Bell Canada will replace underground duct structures on Main Street. The first phase commences in November 2014 between Greenfield Avenue and Clegg Street, and the second phase (south of Clegg Street) is expected to commence after the first phase is complete, potentially in Spring 2015.

Work will require elimination of the eastern-most travel lane. Main Street will generally operate with one lane in each direction plus left turn lanes (between Cleg Street and Lees Avenue) during the winter months. See proposed temporary lane arrangement drawing.

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Deferral of Construction Between Lam Drive and Harvey Street

The current plan is to defer the reconstruction of the two blocks of Main Street between Harvey Street and Echo Drive to coincide with sewer separation works in the adjacent community (Green-field/Concord/Echo/Montcalm).

Echo Drive to Greenfield Avenue will be closed to traffic (local access only) to facilitate deep sewer installation towards Springhurst Avenue. The road will reopen in later phases of construction.

The sewer separation project north of Harvey Street and along Greenfield Ave will continue after the completion of the Main Street Renewal project, subject to Council approval of funding. The two blocks of Main Street north of Harvey Street will then be reconstructed.


If you don’t find the information you need on these pages, visit or contact the project managers directly:

City Project Manager
Josée Vallée, P. Eng.
Infrastructure Services Department
Design & Construction Municipal – East Branch
City of Ottawa | 613-580-2424 x 21805

Contractor Representative
Alphonse Blank
Karson Konstruction
24-hour emergency number: 613-839-2816


Contract Administrator
Robert McKay
Cell: (613) 883-7590

Senior Inspector
Greg Choquette
Cell: (613) 327-7404