6 May 2011

Bank Street Reconstruction Update

  1. A message from Councillor Chernushenko
  2. Timeline
  3. Street closures
  4. Traffic detours
  5. Bus rerouting
  6. More information

A message from Councillor Chernushenko

The Glebe Community Association sponsored a Bank Street Reconstruction meeting on April 7, which I attended along with City staff and Christine Leadman, Executive Director of the Glebe BIA.Since then, we have received numerous calls and emails from residents. I have been carefully considering people’s concerns, and I have been forwarding questions and comments to the appropriate City staff.  My staff and I have put together the following updated information about the project’s timeline, street closures, traffic detours and bus detours. I have also posted a list of frequently asked questions to my website at www.capitalward.ca.

A number of details remain to be decided, and some changes will no doubt be made as the project progresses. My intention is to hold another public meeting as soon the construction contract has been awarded and more details have been finalized. I will do my best to notify you via my newsletter and website as information becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we get through this necessary disruption in our ward. And please continue shopping on Bank Street! The local merchants need us — and we need them. So let’s all make a special effort to support their businesses during the reconstruction.

David Chernushenko
City Councillor for Capital Ward

Construction for this year is scheduled to start in the second half of May and end by mid-November. The intent is to have all of the underground work completed, the roads reconstructed up to base course asphalt, and the sidewalks hard-surfaced by Nov. 15, 2011. The sidewalk construction, streetscaping and final asphalt paving will be done next year, with a scheduled completion date of June 30, 2012.

This means the major traffic and transit disruptions will be confined to this year, with minor disruptions in 2012.

While pedestrians will continue to have access to the sidewalks on Bank, the street will be closed to traffic between Isabella and Fifth until Nov. 15, with two exceptions: One lane will be open for southbound traffic between Fifth and Holmwood to accommodate the detour route, as well as between Pretoria and Strathcona to allow local access to Rosebery and Strathcona.Intersections will remain open to east-west traffic, with a few exceptions: The Clemow intersection will be closed, and major underground work will require the closure of Bank/Chamberlain/Isabella for an estimated 14 days. In addition, each other intersection will be closed for a five-day period while it’s being refitted. Provisions will be made for local access to parking lots affected by the closures.

The City has developed a detour plan for motorists consisting of a primary route to and from downtown along Bronson, Riverside, Main Street, Hawthorne and Catherine, avoiding the construction zone altogether. Sunnyside and Queen Elizabeth Driveway provide an alternative route to downtown for people in Old Ottawa South and the Glebe. In addition, they can use O’Connor Street between the Queensway and Holmwood or Fifth Avenue, which will provide the easiest access to businesses on Bank Street.

Cyclists who usually travel along Bank Street can use the Rideau Canal pathways, Percy, O’Connor, Lyon and Monk as alternative north-south routes.

City staff have been working closely with OC Transpo to come up with a bus detour route that will best serve the majority of local transit users while minimizing the impacts on residents. The No. 1 and 7 buses will be diverted along O’Connor Street in the Glebe. Southbound buses will take Isabella, O’Connor and Fifth before reconnecting with Bank. Northbound buses will follow a route along Holmwood, O’Connor, Strathcona, Metcalfe and Catherine.

OC Transpo considered and analyzed all possible alternative routes, taking into account extensive feedback from residents. Each option has its own challenges and advantages, but the route chosen is the best compromise. It’s technically feasible and will continue to serve as high a percentage of existing users as possible. The City recognizes and is addressing the legitimate safety concerns of residents by providing crossing guards as necessary, and by exploring other safety measures in consultation with local residents. Critically, the detour route will maintain bus access within a reasonable walking distance of the businesses along Bank Street, which is vital to them and to their customers.

Visit my website at www.capitalward.ca, and or consult the City’s website at http://ottawa.ca/residents/construction/projects/bank/index_en.html.You can also direct questions to Joe Mojsej, Project Manager for the Bank Street Reconstruction:

Joe Mojsej, P.Eng.,
Senior Project Manager
Infrastructure Services
City of Ottawa
100 Constellation Crescent, 6th Floor West
Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 16203
Fax: 613-560-6064
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, you may also call my office at 613-580-2487 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..