The Glebe is bordered by the Queensway (Highway 417) on the north, and the Rideau Canal on the south and east. Although some people consider Bronson Avenue as the western boundary, the Glebe Community Association considers the triangular area formed by Bronson, Carling Avenue and Dow’s Lake part of the Glebe. The borders of Capital Ward also encompass the area west of Bronson Avenue and east of LeBreton Street, between the Queensway and Carling Avenue. This area is sometimes called the Glebe Annex.

The term “glebe” refers to church lands, and the area was once a Clergy Reserve granted to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in 1837. It was opened for development in 1870, and the streetcar began running down Bank Street soon after.

Population: 10,886 (2006 Census)

Glebe Community Association

Glebe Annex Community Association

Glebe Community Activities Group (GNAG)

Community Newspaper: The Glebe Report

Glebe Community Centre
175 Third Avenue
Ottawa, ON  K1S 2K1

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